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The Alberta government generated $27.64 million at its Wednesday land sale, which pushed the province past the $200-million mark year-to-date.
The Alberta government has now collected $217.29 million in bonus bids for 2017.
A shale oil play that, in the words of the head of Calgary-based geological consulting and energy data information company Canadian Discovery Ltd., has until recently been “below the radar screen,” is being compared to the Duvernay play i…
Kinder Morgan Canada Limited (KML) has initiated its first pipeline order and expects to finalize contracts with its general contractor by mid-August in preparation for a September 2017 start on its $7.4 billion Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, com…
Provided a new B.C. Green Party-backed NDP minority government lasts long enough to tick off all the big priority items on its ambitious agenda, it might eventually get around to fulfilling the promise of striking a special scientific panel to study the i…
During the recent B.C. election campaign, the B.C. Liberals pledged to “unlock the oil resources contained in the Montney” through a new oil, deep-well royalty credit.
Canadian Pacific Railway Limited will be able to provide increased service to upstream oil and gas customers as it anticipates a further near-term increase in crude-by-rail activity, says top brass, although any long-term investment on CP’s par…
Dr. Walter Sexton and Athena Technologies are offering this field seminar from October 1-8, 2017. 
Industry Related News - Mondaq
July 18th
The value of Canadian M&A activity in the first half of 2017 was the highest in a decade, according to a recent report from Bloomberg.
July 13th
This bulletin highlights two recent developments relating to the federal and Alberta governments' respective efforts to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and transition toward a low carbon economy:
July 13th
On June 26, 2017, Québec's Energy and Natural Resources Minister, Mr. Pierre Arcand, unveiled the 2017-2020 Action Plan (the "Plan"), a first step towards implementing the 2030 Energy Policy (the "Policy").
July 11th
At the same time, the government also commenced a review to modernize the National Energy Board.
July 7th
Compte tenu de l'économie mondiale, les entreprises se rendent à l'évidence que l'innovation et la protection de leurs droits de propriété intellectuelle (PI) deviennent de plus en plus essentielles.
July 7th
With the global economy, businesses realize that innovation and protection of Intellectual Property (IP) rights is getting more and more critical.
July 7th
It should not come as a surprise to anyone that Alberta's oil & gas industry does not function well during times of uncertainty.
July 5th
On June 16, 2017, the Alberta Oil Sands Advisory Group released its report, Recommendations on Implementation of the Oil Sands Emissions Limit Established by the Alberta Climate Leadership Plan,
June 29th
On 12 May 2017, the Government of Canada introduced Bill C-48, the proposed Oil Tanker Moratorium Act, in Parliament.
June 27th
On June 22, 2017, the Ontario Energy Board announced new electricity prices that are intended to implement the promised 25% bill reduction from the Ontario Government's Fair Hydro Plan.

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